Practitioner Name

Martine Gallie


  • Lic.Ac.
  • M.B.Ac.C. BA(hons) in Psychology
  • Trained as Counsellor with Relate

Therapies Practised

  • Mostly Five Element Acupuncture


  • Depression and Relationships
  • Confidence issues
  • Emotional and Mental Block
  • Out of Sorts Feelings
  • Communication
  • other Stress Related Problems

My Background

Concern about stress and its physical and psychological manifestations in the lives of people have guided me thorough my studies, work and life experience to Acupuncture. I believe that it is a gentle, profound and effective approach to control stress. It can re-establish the equilibrium of the energy which keeps us ticking and which is threatened daily by our frustrations, the pace of life and our loneliness. Acupuncture empowers people, centers them and helps them towards some serenity. I believe that it is the best tool to achieve this. I have practiced and received it for 20 years!