• LicAc. (Licensed Acupuncturist)
  • Diploma Aromatherapy and Massage
  • Certificate in Basic Massage
  • BSc(Hons)
  • PGCE.

Therapies Practiced

  • Acupuncture, including Facial Revitalization Acupuncture
  • Massage – Hot Stones Therapy Massage; Japanese Face Massage; Aromatherapy Massage;
  • Deep Tissue Massage.


  • Fertility
  • Well-being
  • Emotional Health
  • General Health
  • Facial Revitalization

Contact details

Please contact the clinic on (01926) 450990 in order to be put in contact with Jackie.

My Background

Many complex issues with my own health and well-being left me feeling discontented and out of kilter with myself and my environment. A good friend recommended that I have acupuncture and since that time I have not looked back. The changes that occurred in my life and the sense of empowerment that I experienced were so strong that I decided to change the direction of my life and embark upon studying acupuncture along with other complementary therapies. Consequently my approach to treating is one that focuses on the individual as a person, “holism,” with a view to re-establishing a sense of well-being and vitality.