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Massage – Japanese Face

Massage – Japanese Face

What is Japanese Face Massage?

Based on the Japanese belief that beauty stems from a healthy body and mind, Japanese Face Massage works on several levels. Where Western facial massage mainly focuses on the surface of the skin, Japanese Face Massage treats surface and deep facial muscles as well as stimulating channels of energy or ‘Ki’ with refined massage techniques. This improves skin and muscle tone whilst promoting relaxation of the body and mind.

What does a treatment involve?

Treatment involves influencing the flow of ‘Ki’ through the meridians or energy channels on the face. This is done by massaging (‘anma’) and applying gentle pressure to specific acupressure points on the face. This helps to stimulate the energy points and channels, activating facial nerves and helping to increase the flow of Ki. Improving blood and lymphatic circulation boosts inner health and beauty.
Treatment is immensely relaxing for both mind and body, so of benefit to general health and an excellent pick-me-up!

What can Japanese Face Massage treat?

Japanese Face Massage can help to relax tight facial muscles, tighten and tone the skin. It also improves circulation and the removal of waste products, reducing puffiness and enhancing skin condition. Regular treatment may help to preserve youthful skin and soften wrinkles or fine lines.
A treatment can be booked as a stand alone session or as a course of six weekly treatments.

How long does a treatment last?

The first treatment lasts for 2 hours as a detailed health history is taken.
Subsequent treatments last for 1 ½ hours.

Does it hurt?

No, Japanese Face Massage works on the principles of regulating and nourishing ‘Ki’ or energy. It might be that some of acupressure points that are palpated and massaged might be slightly tender but it will not be painful.

How do I know if my practitioner is professionally qualified?

Your practitioner should belong to a professional association that will require appropriate qualifications in order to join and become a member. Please ask if you would like to see certificates or get details for the practitioner’s professional association.

How will I feel after a treatment?

You should feel wonderfully relaxed and calm after each treatment. It is best to try and have your treatment on a day when you are not too active or busy or at least have an hour or two to rest immediately afterwards.