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How long does a treatment last?

The initial consultation takes 1.5 to 2hours.  You will be asked questions about your problem and the symptoms you experience, also questions about your medical history; your body systems such as sleep and digestion; and factors such as stress and life-style.  Subsequent appointments are up to 1 hour and require an update on your symptoms and your sense of well-being.

How many treatments will I need? And how often?

This depends very much on what your problem is, as well as other individual characteristics of your case.  Follow-up appointments are initially every 4 to 6 weeks, with the interval becoming greater as you improve.  However, every individual has a different experience of treatment and may be seen more frequently, or over a longer period.

Is Homeopathy safe?

Homeopathic practitioners at the clinic are registered with the Society of Homeopaths, which lays out a strict code of ethics and practice.

The serial dilution of homeopathic remedies means they are non-toxic for even the most sensitive constitutions.

How will I feel after taking a remedy?

Patients react in different ways after taking a remedy.  Some feel an immediate surge of well-being, others may feel very tired at first and need to take it easy for a few days before improvements are noticed.  Sometimes patients become briefly aware of a return of old symptoms from an earlier problem.  For some the symptoms for which they sought help get a little worse before getting better.  All these are signs that the remedy is working and a process of return to vitality has begun.

How do I find out more?

For a more detailed description of the practice of Hoeopathy, visit the Society of Homeopath’s website at

How much does it cost?

Please refer to our Price List

Is my treatment confidential?

Yes, all information given during the course of any of our treatments is treated as strictly confidential. Personal files are referred to by your practitioner only. A copy of your contact details will be kept by reception in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.